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Pelvic Stabilization During Resistance Training

    The goal of this research study was to determine how exercise training affects the development of lumbar extension strength. This study was also dependent on the presence or absence of pelvic stabilization. The study included different subject groups with different measurements being observed. The data was recorded and proposed in this study.

    Frequency and Volume of Resistance Training: Effect on Cervical Extension Strength

      This research study aimed to demonstrate how volume and strength training has an effect on the strength of the cervical area of the spine. Four groups of subjects participated in the study engaging in different rehabilitating exercises using the MedX Cervical Extension machine. Maximum torque output, cervical extension, and cervical flexion were measured and recorded through the study.

      Back in Shape: How to Treat Low Back Pain

        Arthur Jones, pioneer of physical fitness equipment, has taken bold steps in exercise machinery to revolutionize his machines for the treatment of low back pain. Jones also campaigned and produced the first University-wide funding effort in University of Florida’s history.