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MedX Rehab Technical Support
MedX Rehab Technical Support
MedX Rehab Technical Support
MedX Rehab Technical Support
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MedX Rehab Technical Support

With more than ten (10) years of experience successfully deploying customized, secure information sharing and collaboration systems in the Government and Healthcare markets, Govsphere has the extensive knowledge, robust capabilities, and proven track record in providing quality technical support and remote assistance to our customers from our Corporate Headquarters office in Syracuse, NY. From the large-scale, enterprise deployments that we have completed on behalf of our Federal Government customers to single-unit deployments of our VITAL Telehealth platform delivered to the homes of our patients, our team has developed a comprehensive technical support infrastructure that is specifically designed to support our customers across a diverse set of support requirements and capabilities. As a result, we have used our lessons learned to create a dedicated technical support infrastructure for our MedX Rehab software platform.

The dedicated MedX Rehab Help Desk represents our 1st tier of support and is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except for U.S. Government holidays. The Help Desk is accessible via phone at (833) 864-7400 (toll-free) or (315) 226-4226 (local) or by e-mail. Our trained Help Desk support staff are fully capable of resolving routine issues such as account creation, password resets, or other simple inquiries.

In the event of a more significant issue, our Help Desk support staff will reach out to our highly skilled and experienced Software Development team, which serves as our 2nd tier of support. Since all MedX Rehab software is developed “in-house” at our Corporate Headquarters office, our team is fully capable of resolving any technical issues pertaining to our MedX Rehab software, the MedX Rehab computer, or any other electronic component that comprises a MedX Medical machine such as the Load Cell, Potentiometer, Manual Switch, Digital Interface Box, and/or Barrier Strip. In addition, Govsphere has developed our own remote control and remote access capabilities through the integrated VITAL Assist software platform that allow our MedX Help Desk support team to access and troubleshoot potential hardware and software issues from remote locations. VITAL Assist is a web-based software application that enables the management, administration, and support of MedX computers using an Internet Browser and either a mobile broadband connection or a high-speed Internet connection. This capability allows MedX Help Desk personnel to quickly troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.

Ultimately, the MedX Rehab software platform is backed by a robust technical support infrastructure that includes the experience, tools, knowledge, and capabilities to resolve any customer support issue. Contact Us using the form below to receive technical support for your MedX machine.

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