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Torso Rotation machine
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Torso Rotation machine

The MedX Medical Torso Rotation machine evaluates and trains the rotary muscles of the torso as well as the internal and external obliques. Through the use of a secure restraint system that eliminates movement from the legs, hips, and shoulders, the MedX Torso Rotation machine enables isometric testing and dynamic variable resistance training throughout the patient’s “pain-free” range of motion (ROM) up to a maximum of 120 degrees. Isometric Testing is typically administered using 7 test points at 18-degree intervals within the patient’s ROM up to 60 degrees of left rotation and 60 degrees of right rotation with the ability to adjust selected test points in 6 degree increments.

Key Features

  • Isolates & strengthens the torso rotation muscles by restraining the chest, thighs, hips and shoulders
  • Measures a patient’s full “pain-free” range of motion (ROM) including left rotation and right rotation
  • Includes isometric testing capabilities with the ability to quantitatively measure the strength of a patient at standardized test points within the patient’s ROM
  • Delivers customized and tailored dynamic exercise program that is designed to safely and incrementally strengthen a patient’s trunk muscles while also increasing range of motion using 15-minute weekly sessions over an 8-12 week treatment period
  • Generates clinical Isometric Test & Dynamic Exercise reports using the MedX Rehab software platform

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