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Specific Spinal Exercise: Three Case Studies Using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine


    This research study aimed to demonstrate the efficacy of the MedX Lumbar Extension machine in strengthening the lumbar region of the spine. The method of study was by comparing the machine and its success to previous years without the use of the MedX machine. The study uses three past case studies to support their conclusion.


    Low back pain is a common injury that can be easily prevented by maintaining adequate overall health. For the treatment of low back pain, strengthening the lumbar muscles in the spine through isolation is recommended. The specificity of isolating the lumbar muscles comes from the restraint and stabilization of the pelvis. There were three case studies that the study based their research off of and how the MedX Lumbar Extension machine would affect the outcomes. The different case studies included a subject who used the MedX machine and stopped, a person who was very fit but had never used the MedX machine, and a subject who had a low back injury from a car accident and was experiencing pain.

    Subject 1 was considered to be a very healthy individual with an above average level of lumbar muscle strength. Subject 2 was a fitness aficionado who frequently participated in bodybuilding competitions and worked as a firefighter. Due to his background it could be assumed that his lumbar muscles are also higher than average. Subject 3 was in a car accident two years prior to the study. They suffered low back and neck injuries and even after seeing chiropractors saw little relief in their pain. Each subject used the MedX Lumbar Extension machine as a part of the study. With the pelvic restraint stabilizing the pelvis and isolating the lumbar muscles, subjects were asked to extend their spine as far as they could. This isometric test took about 9 seconds to determine torque and range of motion. The exercise sessions included 5 to 7 repetitions per subject. The frequency of exercise varied among the subjects.

    Each subject produced significant progress in their lumbar muscle strength. The age of each subject did make a difference in how much progress they could achieve. The older subjects were likely not going to regain the same strength they had at a younger age but were still able to be above average for their age group. Subject 3 who had intense low back pain prior to the test stated that the pain was essentially non-existent after using the MedX Lumbar Extension machine. This study concludes that it is essential to maintain strength in the lumbar muscles. Pelvic stabilization through the use of the MedX machine is effective at isolating the muscles and regaining strength.