Solutions for MedX Medical Machines.

MedX Rehab is a comprehensive platform that supports the MedX Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Torso Rotation, and Cervical Rotation machines and includes computer hardware, software, electronics, professional maintenance and repair services, and customer support.

MedX Rehab Software

MedX Rehab computers, software & upgrade packages

Electronic Components

Electronic replacement components for MedX medical machines

Machine Maintenance

Professional maintenance services for MedX Medical machines

Customer Support

Technical support, remote assistance, and remote diagnostic services


Our highly skilled and experienced team can provide comprehensive support to your MedX practice.

Are you struggling to maintain and support your MedX machines? Are you having to cancel patient appointments due to faulty computers and software? Contact the MedX Rehab support team and we will take care of your MedX machines while providing comprehensive support to your organization and staff.

Extensive knowledge and experience supporting MedX medical machines
Innovative and advanced software platform built on modern standards
Enterprise Help Desk available to provide remote assistance and technical support
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Contact Us and find out why more than 70 organizations throughout the United States and around the world have upgraded to the MedX Rehab platform and receive ongoing maintenance and support services from the MedX Rehab team!

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