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MedX Rehab Software Platform

In an effort to modernize the obsolete MedX DOS software originally created in the 1980s and the MedXWIN software developed back in 2004, our team created a new software platform known as “MedX Rehab” for the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Torso Rotation, and Cervical Rotation machines. The MedX Rehab software platform integrates the globally-recognized MedX Medical strengthening and exercise machines with the extensive capabilities of Govsphere’s VITAL Telehealth Platform to dynamically collect diagnostic and performance information in “real-time” while providing a secure Clinician Portal that streamlines data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. MedX Rehab features a modern and intuitive user interface (UI) with navigation menu that is “locked down” for patient safety while adhering to industry standards and best practices for software design and database management. Furthermore, the MedX Rehab software platform is the only software offered for MedX machines that meets or exceeds the privacy and security requirements identified in the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

By utilizing a unique login for each patient and clinician, MedX Rehab eliminates the need for patients to have to use specific MedX machines and allows them to log into any MedX machine using a roaming profile and data synchronization. Furthermore, the unique login enables the encryption of individual patient records, thereby securing individual patient data during transmission and at rest.

The MedX Rehab software platform also features dynamic tables, graphs, and charts that update and display information in “real-time” while the new streamlined calibration process eliminates time-consuming and redundant steps. The MedX Rehab synchronization technology also allows patient data to be maintained, backed up, and supported at a central location, thereby significantly reducing the potential for data loss by creating multiple failover and redundancy by design.

Most notably, the web-based MedX Rehab Clinician Portal allows clinicians to access patient information from any computer, tablet, or connected smartphone – a must for busy providers who are constantly “on the go”. Finally, the MedX Rehab integration with Govsphere’s VITAL Telehealth platform provides clinicians with the ability to participate in the National MedX Clinic Network and generate revenue from other MedX patients outside of their facilities and locations.

Key Features & Capabilities

The MedX Rehab software communicates with the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension and Cervical Extension machines to collect information in “real-time” and securely transfer that information to the MedX Rehab Clinician Portal. Some of the new features and capabilities included with the MedX Rehab software include:

  • Modern and intuitive user interface (UI) and navigation functionality that is designed in accordance with industry standards
  • Secure platform that is “locked down” for patient safety and is designed for use in a clinical environment
  • Streamlined calibration process with wizards that guide clinicians through machine calibration while eliminating redundant steps
  • Robust reporting module that includes dynamic tables, graphs, and charts that update and display in “real-time”
  • Unique patient login that eliminates need to use specific MedX machines by allowing patients to log into any MedX machine using a secured & encrypted roaming profile
  • Advanced synchronization technology that allows data to be maintained, backed up, and supported at a central location, thereby reducing the potential for data loss by introducing multiple failover and recovery points
  • Secure, Web-based Portal that allows clinicians to access patient information from any computer, tablet, or connected device
  • Extensive support for multiple languages (localization) including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Korean

Comparison of MedX Software Platforms

The table below includes a comparison of the salient features and capabilities between the legacy MedX DOS and MedXWin software programs and our MedX Rehab Software Platform. It is important to understand that the MedX DOS software has not been updated since the 1990s and the final version of the MedXWin software was released in August 2007. Meanwhile, customers of our MedX Rehab software receive quarterly software updates and security patches in order to ensure that the platform continues to adhere to widely recognized industry standards. As a result, there is no comparison between obsolete legacy MedX software and the MedX Rehab software platform, which is the most advanced, stable, reliable, and secure software platform available today.

MedX Corporation

Original Software (DOS/Windows XP)

Govsphere, Inc.

MedX Rehab Software Platform

Client Testimonials

For those of you who might not yet be convinced that our MedX Rehab Software platform is the ideal software for use with the MedX Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Cervical Rotation, and Torso Rotation machines, we encourage you to watch the client testimonials provided below. From a large hospital system and a network of Physical Therapy clinics to a large Gym & Fitness center and, finally, to a single chiropractic office. Our MedX Rehab software platform has been built to accommodate customers with 1 patient as well as customers with 1,000+ patients… while providing a robust business model and technical support infrastructure that helps all of our clients grow and succeed.

Steven Scherger – Allina Health: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Greg DeFilippo – East Tennessee Spine & Sport
Mike Arteaga – Mike Arteaga’s Health & Fitness
Thomas Blankenbaker – Spine & Disc

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