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Lumbar Strengthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

    In this study, the physiological and psychological benefits of strengthening the lumbar extension are explored. Chronic low back pain affects many people and the goal of the study is to see if strengthening the lower back muscles helps mitigate lower back pain as well as helping mental health.

    Low back strengthening for the prevention & treatment of low back pain

      In this research study, strengthening of the low back is demonstrated to treat and prevent low back pain. Rehabilitation through lumbar extension strengthening is believed to improve strength, endurance, and mobility. Improvements in low back pain show potential for the reduction of pain for patients.

      A Rational Approach to the Treatment of Low Back Pain

        Medical professionals know how stressful and difficult needing care can be, especially in the case of low back pain due to the ambiguous nature of the injury. Dr. Brian W. Nelson has made it his job to care for patients with nonoperative back and neck pain.