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Lumbar Strengthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients


    This study explores how strengthening the lower back muscles helps to mitigate lower back pain and improves mental health. In this study, the physiological and psychological benefits of strengthening the lumbar extension are explored.


    The study “Physiological and Psychological Benefits Lumbar Strengthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients,” examines how strengthening the lumbar extension can not only help physical health but mental health as well. The study group was 54 chronic low back pain patients. The participants were either split up into a control group or an exercise group.

    The study involved 34 men and 20 women with chronic low-back pain referred for rehabilitation by a spinal disorders specialist. The patients, averaging 45 years old, mostly white (91%) and married (76%), had experienced low-back pain for an average of 8 years and were not heavily reliant on narcotic painkillers. Each participant had a different torque level so their strengthening was different ranges of motion. Psychological factors can differ depending on how their back pain is.

    There were no concurrent alterations in self-reported daily activity levels. These findings indicate that lumbar extension exercises provide benefits by fortifying the lumbar extensor muscles, leading to reduced pain and enhanced perceptions of physical and psychosocial well-being in individuals with chronic back pain. Nevertheless, these enhancements did not correlate with changes in activities or psychological distress.