Specific Spinal Exercise: Three Case Studies Using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine


This study focuses on the importance of determining the differences among potential clients for specific and isolated exercise of the lumbar muscles in order to determine both the short term and long term value of the MedX program. The purpose of this study was to investigate three case subjects and the implications of using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine.


Three subjects were enrolled in this study. 1)  A person who experienced muscle strengthening on the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine, but who discontinued use of the machine for a period of ten years, 2) A person who is a long-time and serious/competitive fitness enthusiast who had not used the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine, and 3) a person who incurred a low-back injury from an automobile accident, and who had experienced pain and weakness as a result. Subject 1 was provided with 15 training sessions, subject 2 at 12 training sessions, and subject three was provided one training session with a modest load before testing. The study found that three subjects improved lumbar strength significantly, and in one instance, became pain-free within two months although two years of previous chiropractic and physiotherapy proved ineffective.  In two other instances, it became obvious that traditional exercise, including heavy dead lifts, squats and bent barbell rowing had no positive effect on maintaining or improving lumbar strength.

Key Findings

  • Subject 1 showed an improvement of 19.5 %, is 25.25 % stronger than average for his age group and sex and achieved the change in a total of 14.75 minutes of exercise time over 15 sessions
  • Subject 2 increased his torque output by 37.3% with direct, isolated exercise, and now is considered 25.3% stronger than average for his age group, whereas he was 16% weaker than average before his 12 training sessions that lasted a total of 13-minutes of exercise time
  • Subject 3 was tested prior to her tenth treatment and was able to produce 129.3 lbs/58.65 kg of torque,  by her twelfth session she exercised with 120 pounds for 8 repetitions. Subject 3 also indicated that her low back pain was nearly non-existent; noticeable only on occasion

Keywords: MedX Lumbar Extension Machine, specific spinal exercise, lumbar, long-term value

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