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Muscle Comparison of MedX Lumbar Extension to a 45-Degree Roman Chair


    In this study, the MedX lumbar extension machine and the Roman Chair were tested to help strengthen the lower back. Patients have seen greater results using MedX machines than the 45-Degree Roman Chair. 


    The study’s main objective was to utilize MRI scans to identify the muscles engaged during two specific lumbar exercises. Additionally, it aimed to assess and contrast the primary muscle groups activated by these exercises. 10 Males and 10 Females tried different exercises on both machines doing the same repetitions. However, the average time on the MedX machine was 2:44 and the Roman Chair was 3:03. MRIs were used to see which parts of the muscles are working during each exercise.

    After the tests, the increase in active muscles for MedX was 41.9% and the Roman Chair was 29.6%. MedX increases in active muscles were significant for the multifidus, erector spinae, and quadratus. The Roman chair changes were only significantly for the multifidus and erector spinae. Males have a larger increase in active muscles than women did (43% vs 29%). On each machine, 49% for males on MedX and 36% on the RC. Females increased 34% on MedX and 24% on the RC.

    The RC engages similar muscle groups as the MedX but with a lower intensity. Hence, both machines suit specific lumbar extensor training needs. Nevertheless, given the choice, MedX remains the preferred option due to its superior activation of lumbar muscles.