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Effect of Focused Strength Training After Low Back Injury


    This research project which involved patients in the Orthomed program at the University of California San Diego studied the efficacy of a conditioning program using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine. The study tracked back strength, lift capacity, self-perception, pain rating, and activity level.


    55 patients participated in normal treatment sessions with the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine over an 8 week period, two times per week. In addition to the MedX machine, sessions included seven other variable resistance exercise units, along with up to 20 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning, culminating in 60 minute sessions. All subjects’ back strength improved significantly, however disproportionately greater improvement was found early in the course of treatment. Substantial improvement in pain over the course of treatment was also made, there was no significant differences in scores between males and females. Lift capacity self-perception, and activity level all also significantly improved overall for both male and female subjects.

    Keywords: MedX Lumbar Extension Machine, back strength, pain, lift capacity, activity level, lumbar

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